In 2016, we produced a new ad campaign for one of the largest community banks on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Showcasing the relationships between their lenders – people who live, work, play and contribute to their communities –  and their customers, the “Picture this” campaign successfully conveyed the bank’s dedication their customers’ personal and professional success.

PR & Branding Leads Bank to Name Choptank AOR

Initially hired to manage 1880 Bank’s public relations and branding, we were then retained to create and manage a multi-media advertising campaign. 1880 Bank wanted to elevate – and celebrate – their 135-year community banking legacy.

We’ll see you through

Our first campaign – a digital and print campaign designed to reinforce 1880 Bank’s century-long commitment – showcased three personal and business banking customers on the Eastern Shore.  The ads were featured online, in print and in their marketing materials.

Here are a few of the digital ads placed with local media outlets and online newspapers:

Picture this Ad Campaign

Expanding on the inaugural “We’ll see you through” campaign Choptank produced in 2015, we developed a new, complimentary creative campaign in 2016.

Featuring images of 1880 Bank lenders holding a golden frame with pictures of clients in their workplace or home environment, the ad campaign reinforced the bank’s values. Inviting viewers to  ‘look inside the frame,’ the campaign underscored the benefits of working with a local bank – and knowing your community banker. Reinforcing trusting relationships, the creative executions – print, digital and collateral – were embraced by the bank.

  • Demonstrates visually key relationship between lender and customer
  • Showcases customer values with as ‘priceless’ works of art
  • Reinforces value of local banking
  • Easily updated should a lender or customer depart
  • Fresh and forward looking with classic appeal
  • Allowed agency to double the creative executions as we can repurpose photos from 2015

Digital & Print Creative Executions

Tim, Libby and Chris

ad campaign 1880 Bank Lindy's seafood