Air Fare America is a media company founded by the CEO’s of Choptank Communications and Interface Media Group to create online, print and broadcast properties.

Discover America as never before! Explore fabulous food, aerial adventures and historic treasures tucked in small airfields across the country. Air Fare America celebrates amazing aviation destinations. Fly with us on air and online!


  • Launched a website and interactive map showcasing 500+ destinations
  • Authored two feature articles in Georgia Magazine and Maryland Life
  • Created large and engaged social media community (Twitter, Facebook)


“Here’s an idea for a reality TV show we’d be sure to DVR: A pilot, a chef and a treasure hunter head off in an airplane to visit the coolest small airports across the country, sampling the food at the airport restaurants, meeting interesting airport characters and discovering the incredible airplanes and historic items inside the hangars.”

Stephen Pope, Editor-in-Chief, Flying Magazine